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Hi. We're Procipient
Nice to meet you.
Procipient is the next generation ERM-GRC solution configured with pre-built enterprise risk framework. GRC is simplified with Procipient.
CMPG, LLC is a leader in risk management SaaS solutions. Our solutions include VendorInsight®, VendorIntel™, VRM Pro™, and BCPInsight™.
We found that current GRC/ERM systems are cumbersome, poorly designed, and difficult to use and maintain. Procipient helps you overcome these limitations in a cost-effective solution.

Procipient means professional.
The name Procipient is derived from the word Percipient, which means “to be perceptive or have a good understanding of things.” But we believe your understanding shouldn’t just be good. You need professional level understanding to satisfy your regulators, auditors and Board. With a professional level tool like Procipient you gain advantage, efficiency, and better risk management. With built-in risk hierarchies, risk assessment templates and workflow structure, Procipient is the most intuitive and sophisticated software in the industry.